Tournament rules

• The ranking within the groups is determined based on:

– the number of points; if equal:
– the result of the direct match; if equal:
– goals scored minus goals conceded; if equal:
– goals scored; if equal:
– fewer penalty minutes; if equal:
– a random draw by the organization. 

• The playing time is 2 x 15 minutes running time in both competitions, except the last 1 minute is effective. Finals will be played 2 x 20 minutes running time, except in case of a goal and the last 3 minutes is effective. While playing running time, the time stops only by the mark of the referee.

• Time-outs are not allowed. 

• If a game is tied after regular playing time in a play-off game there will be a penalty shootout, starting with three shots from each team. If it’s still tied, the shoot-out will continue until one team scores a goal and the other team misses.

• The games will be played according to official IFF-rules.

• It is not allowed to switch between teams or play in multiple teams during the tournament. Doing so could get both teams disqualified. An exception can be made for goalies.

• When a team is not ready at the start of a game they get a penalty of one goal for every minute the team is late with a maximum of five goals, after that time the team has lost the match.

• In case the teams have the same outfit, the away team in the official match schedule is required to change outfits. Shirts will be provided by the organisation.

• In any situation the previous stated rules do not apply the organisation has the final verdict.