Here is the list of teams that are participating! Take advantage of the early bird discount and register your team now! The teams with a * behind their name have paid and are confirmed.

Men (11/16)

Messed Up (NED)*
Lone Wolves (NED)*
Macho nacho’s (NED)*
Floorballteam Strijtem (BEL)*
FT Söbere Zjångs (BEL)*
Pastinaak de vergeten groente (NED)*
Hessen United (GER)*
Volgt nog (NED)
Team Amersfoort (NED)*
Ka huhú huhú (GER)
U16 NL (NED)

Women (5/8)

Bremer Schnapsmusikanten (GER)*
Face Off (NED)*
Nick Oolders (NED)
Bananarama (NED)
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (NED)