General info

The Groningen Floorball Open is a floorball tournament for both men’s (16) and women’s teams (8). The games will be played on Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th of June. In the evening, you will have plenty of time to discover the nightlife of Groningen which was dubbed by CNN as ‘a winning alternative to Amsterdam’.

Tournament fee
The early bird tickets are €200 per team, regular tickets are €250 per team. You can see if there are early bird tickets left on the Sign Up page. Registration is confirmed once the tournament fee payment has been received.

Food and drinks should be ordered at your own expense. You can decide to visit a nearby supermarket but you may also order something at the Sportsbar. Be aware that breakfast can only be bought at the supermarket since the Sportsbar opens at 10am. Please not it is not allowed to consume your own foods and drinks in the Sportsbar, but the sports center offers plenty of other locations where you can eat and drink. The nearest supermarket is a Spar which is located at Zonnelaan 80, roughly a ten-minute walk. You can have dinner at the Sportsbar or you can have dinner at one of the many cozy restaurants in the center of Groningen.

We have arranged a sleeping accommodation in the sports center. Because you are sleeping on the FloorballToday field, you will have to get up early. On Saturday the matches will begin at 9.15 am so we will wake you up at 7.30 am. On Sunday the matches will begin at 9.45 am so we will wake you up at 8.00 am. Please leave the sports hall as soon as possible so we can clean it and build up the field. That way, the matches can start on time. It is not allowed to sleep at the stages, in the dressing rooms or on the other fields!

GFO party
You can meet opponents outside the field and brag about your games at the tournament party on Saturday 8th of June. The GFO party of this year’s edition will take place somewhere in the vibrant entertainment center of Groningen. More info about the exact location will follow soon!

Luggage and lockers There is not a lot of room to store your luggage so if you have a car at your disposal, please use the car to store your luggage. It is allowed to put your luggage in the dressing rooms and at the stages. Small items can be stored for free in lockers in the central hall of the sports center.

Each team has referee and table duties. For the men semifinals and final, and for the ladies final, referees will be provided by the organization. The GFO-committee will attempt to arrange referees for more games. Are you interested in refereeing games during the GFO? We would be very happy if you contact the GFO-committee!